Small Town USA

World War II brought prosperity and fame to Alexandria.  Although 600 boys went off to war, those who remained put forth an effort that would make Alexandria known worldwide.  After surveying hundreds of towns, the United States Office of War Information selected Alexandria as the typical American town and told the world about it in a book called “Small Town, U.S.A.”  The booklet was distributed in 1943 when “This Week” magazine, a Sunday newspaper supplement similar to “USA Weekend,” told the story of America. Supported equally by agriculture and industry, with 600 men in service and 1,000 workers in war-related industries, Alexandria and her garden clubs, church suppers and tree-lined streets had the image America wanted to project.
The booklet was re-introduced in 1993. The 50th anniversay addition of "Small Town USA" was cleaverly done in the same way the original was laid out. Most of the photos were taken from the same angles and some people in the pictures had ties to the 1943 version.
Over the years the nickname has stuck with the community. Through tough times and prosperity the community still holds tight to it's heritage and small town feel. Although many have moved on, the always come back to visit our Alexandria - Small Town USA.