Alexandria has had numerous schools over the years. Central School was located on the corner of Washington and West Streets.

Later the old Alexandria High School was buit next to Central on the same block.

Tomilson School was located across from the IOOF Cemetary on SR 9.

Clark School was located on the corner of Monroe and Central Streets.

Marie Thurston Elementary took over the pupils of both Tomilson and Clark. It was built on the corner of Central and Tyler Streets. The Monroe Township had many "one room" school houses.

Later they were replaced with Cunningham Elementary (pictured above. located on the corner of Bethel Pike and 200E) and Orestes Elementary(seen below).

In 1960 a new High School was built. The new high school included the township by changing its name to Alexandria Monroe High School.

The new school was built on 11th Street on the southside of town. In 1977, the school became the Alexandria Monroe Middle School when the newest High School was built on the other side of the football field.

The new Alexandria Monroe High School had much more room for classes, library, cafeteria, an auditorium, and a much larger gymnasium. Eventually, Cunningham and Orestes were no longer used and the school structure was altered again. Now children attend the Alexandria Elementary (Thurston) from K to 2nd grade. The Alexandria Monroe Intermediate School (Middle School) now holds the 3rd to 6th grades. The Alexandria Monroe Jr/Sr High School houses from grades 7th to 12th.